What is Remarketing?

Google AdWords Remarketing is an advertising method introduced by Google that allows you to serve tailored advertisements to people who have visited your site. This method gives your prospects another chance to buy a product or service they have shown some interest in - even after leaving your website.

Remarketing has been likened to an email marketing list because in essence they both target warm leads, as opposed to cold leads. In email marketing, the marketer sends emails to subscribers, or people who have interest by subscribing to the mailing list. In remarketing, advertisements are displayed to an audience that has displayed interested by visiting your website.

Why Engage in AdWords Remarketing?

With remarketing, you can tailor your ads based on your visitors' behavior determined by the pages they visited. For example, people who abandoned the shopping cart can be grouped into one list of audience. Visitors who viewed a product or service page but did not buy can also be classified into one group. Visitors who bought your product may be tagged as buyers, giving you an opportunity to serve them complementary products or additional services that are related to their purchase. And for those who haven't completed a conversion, you can ignite their interest through banner ads displayed to them and make them come back to your website to complete the conversion.

Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords. -Google Economic Impact Report

With Google AdWords remarketing, you can target prospects in the Google Display Network, a group of over two million websites that display ads that reaches 90% of global Internet users. Our AdWords remarketing is not only great for driving visitors back to your website to convert but we can also improve your branding which in effect increases conversion and customer retention.

Did You Know?

In a study by Nielsen, they examined how exposure to Internet ad campaigns influenced brand measures such as ad recall and likeability, and whether the consumer said they were most likely to purchase the product after viewing the ad. The analysis showed that online ads do, on average, succeed in influencing brand engagement and opinion, particularly for ad recall and message association. However, the degree of positive brand impact largely depends on the strength of the ad itself.

[the] add was unconsciously processed and did influence attitudes toward the brand... that even if a user does not consciously notice a banner ad, the user's attitude toward the brand is influenced. -International Journal of Electronic Commerce

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How Google AdWords Remarketing Works

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