Why Domain & Hosting?

Website hosting is a crucial part of building a new website. A website hosting service will provide you with space on a server and you will also receive a web domain that will serve as a part of your online identity. Many website owners do not feel that they have the time, ability or willingness to design their own websites and choose to instead hire us as a web design firm.

The web hosting services that we provide you will be tailored to the type of website that will satisfy your needs. If you need a small website, we can provide you with the server space and bandwidth that your page will likely need, at an affordable price. Many small websites only need around 40 MB. If you need a much more complex website with database support, we provide that as well. We will find a web domain and hosting that provides the optimal amount of space for your website while keeping costs down. When you hire LeetWeb to design your website, we will not only build your website from scratch, but we will also maintain your website so that you can continue to maintain a web presence. As part of our service, we will also provide you with a domain name and web hosting program.

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