Elements of a Website Design that Can Unlock Maximum SEO Potential

Elements of a Website Design that Can Unlock Maximum SEO Potential

While having a website for your business is one way of gaining more attention (and ideally garner more sales), having it optimized for search engines is another thing. Whether you’re just starting on building your website or you’re looking for ways to improve your website, you can make your website search engine-friendly starting with its design. Your website can have the best possible SEO in Los Angeles searches by integrating these design elements.

Simple yet Clear Navigation

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines clearly state that sites should have “a clear hierarchy and text links” and every page “reachable from at least one static text link”. This means that your website should have a clear organization and link structure, and should have a simple yet efficient navigation structure that could be easily followed.

Some websites opt for creating a main navigation bar that links to its pages, while others go for categories and subcategories, or even dropdown menus. Simple navigation menus are recommended, though there’s no harm in trying out dropdown or flyout menus as long as these are used with care.

URL Structure

Generally, the URLs you plan to use should clearly indicate the topic of the content found in the page. These should be static and descriptive, while containing relevant keywords that indicates both search engines and visitors on what they can expect from the page. Do away with underscores or ID numbers, and instead go for dashes.

Search Engine Optimized Text

Text has always been, and always will be, your best bet for search optimization. Every page should have written content more than other types of media. Even a small amount of text, be it a 150-word product description or the like, can make a huge difference for your SEO efforts.

Optimized Images

Aside from text, images should also be optimized to make it more visible for search engines. Not only will you be able to optimize a page for a specific keyword phrase, but your image can also have a bigger chance of appearing in an image search.

Responsive Website Design

Now that almost half of consumers perform a local search on mobile devices and visit a store within the day, and over 78 percent of mobile searches lead to offline purchases, having a responsive website design is important more than ever. Having a responsive website design has become an indispensable part of any search engine optimization strategy, and this could be achieved with help from Los Angeles professionals, like those working with LeetWeb. Experience better SEO when you integrate all these elements into your website design.


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