What is Keyword Research?

An effective internet marketing campaign which produces a high return on investment starts with a professional and extensive keyword research. The keyword research tells you what keywords potential customers are typing to find you, how many times per month the keyword is searched, how much the keyword would cost in PPC, and how competitive the keyword is. Each keyword is matched with an easy to understand competition level: Basic, Advanced, and Over The Top. Our keyword research will help us get your business at the top of search engines to increase your traffic, leads, and sales!

Keyword Research Features

  • Easy to Understand Keyword Competition Level
  • Google Adwords Exact Monthly Search Volume
  • PPC % Competition
  • PPC Cost per Click
  • Google Rankings of Clients Website
  • Instant Sort as you type keyword filtering
  • Export all to CSV to email to your client
  • Sort by color and save for later
  • Add your own keyword and get rankings
  • Google Local Places Rankings of Clients Website
  • Country specific rankings and research

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