What is PPC?

Pay per click (PPC) is a type of internet advertising where you only pay when somebody clicks on your ads. It is an internet marketing model you can use to get instant targeted traffic to your website through Google AdWords or the Yahoo! Bing Network. When leads target keywords on your PPC campaign, your ads appear on top, below, or alongside organic search results. Depending on the campaign settings, your ads may also appear on various sites that are part of the Google, Bing and Yahoo! networks. When they click on your ads, they are directed to a page where you can convert them to customers.

Why PPC Advertising?

PPC advertising is the fastest way to drive instant traffic to your website. It can be utilized to draw traffic or acquire huge customers while demand is high. Unlike SEO, which can take time to build rankings, PPC immediately establishes an online presence, requires no real build-up time, and generates ROI much more quickly when done right. PPC is also effective in kick-starting and regulating traffic volumes particularly during times when businesses are launching a new product or service, during limited sales season, or when carrying time-sensitive promotions.

PPC is the fastest way to get instant traffic to your website.

We understand your business category and niche and can quickly determine what PPC strategy will work for you based on our extensive experience. Choosing us will free you from learning the highly technical skills required to run a PPC campaign successfully. You can focus on building and running your business while we do the job of increasing your leads and customers through PPC.

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What Are Your Competitors Doing?

Your toughest competitors most likely have done PPC or are probably doing PPC. One survey shows that online marketing savvy businesses have a strong focus on paid search (PPC) as it is in the top 4 of online marketing budget allocations, encompassing 25% of businesses' online marketing budget.

PPC is often used to supplement SEO efforts, as SEO mostly makes an impact on search rankings in the long term.

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