What is SEO Analysis?

In order for our specialized team of SEO experts to develop a sound marketing strategy for your online business, we first need to uncover the sites strengths and weaknesses. This is commonly referred to as a SEO analysis, and it’s one of the first things anyone preparing to undergo a marketing campaign should perform. Through our free SEO Analysis, we're able to clearly identity what your competition is doing to earn business, view a detailed report of your website showing what is negatively impacting your search engine ranking, and research an exhaustive list of keywords your potential customers are using to find a business such as yours within your industry. From there on, we'll know the exact steps that will need to be taken to bring in a large amount of visitors and potential customers.

There are several aspects of the SEO analysis process that our expert internet marketing team will take into account, but each SEO analysis will contain a focus in the following: Competition Analysis, Website Analysis, and Keyword Research.

Competition Analysis

Find out what your competition is doing online to earn business. With the competition analysis report, you will see your competitors' organic and local rankings side by side your rankings for all the keywords we research. This will give you an idea of the keywords your competitors are targeting to gain customers and grow their business.

Website Analysis

The website analysis report shows where you are currently positioned online, where your competitors are located, and what is negatively impacting your search engine rankings. This is done by considering certain variables such as search engine data, website structure, approximate traffic, site performance, and others. With this analysis report, we will be able to see what needs improvement and how we can more effectively get you to the top page.

Keyword Research

The keyword research we provide tells you what keywords potential customers are typing to find you, how many times per month the keyword is searched, how much the keyword would cost in PPC, and how competitive the keyword is. Each keyword is matched with an easy to understand competition level: Basic, Advanced, and Over The Top. Our keyword research, along with the analysis reports, will help us get your business at the top of search engines to increase your traffic, leads, and sales!

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