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We provide effective SEO services and below you will find our case studies to prove it. The purpose fo this case study is to show examples of the keyword ranking success we have achieved for locally based companies. There are many factors that impact an SEO campaign, so not all campaigns will run the exact same way and often times keyword ranking progress depends on the starting nature of the website and also the competitiveness of the keywords chosen. The examples below are pulled from some of our better performing marketing campaigns. The column definitions are defined to the right.

What We Mean By Our Terms

Monthly Search Volume

This is how many times the particular keyword is typed into Google on a monthly basis. This number represents the exact keyword phrase searched, however if you include synonyms and phrases containing the keyword phrase then the monthly search traffic could easily be 10 times the stated quantity below.

Initial Ranking

This is the ranking position the website currently started at within Google. We only track 200 positions back so if we cannot find a website ranking for a keyword anywhere we mark it as position 200 by default. For example, ranking position 100 would be the last results on page 10 of Google since there are 10 results on each page.

Rank Per Duration

Starting at the end of Month 1, this portion of the report shows you where the website was ranking within the Google search engine on quarterly intervals. This is where you can see the ranking progression. It is common to not see a lot of ranking movement on month one because we are still completing on page optimization.

Ranking Increase

This % value represents the % ranking increase from the initial ranking to the end of ranking on Month 12.


The competition column displays the keyword competition level as low, mid, or high. Naturally low competition level keywords are the easiest to rank for and high competition level keywords are the most difficult to rank for.

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