If we do not meet our Performance Guarantee, we will provide work FREE of charge!

If we do not meet our Performance Guarantee, we will provide up to three months of work FREE of charge!

Any Performance Guarantee is only as good as the product it stands behind. With our marketing services, we aim to increase your global presence in the major Search Engines. We accomplish this by focusing on 3 very important aspects. Those 3 aspects are your website, account setups and brand exposure through content marketing. We ensure your website is ready by examining all aspects to ensure we are working with a Search Engine compliant website. Secondly, we will setup online profiles and accounts in your company’s name.

We value our customers and guarantee to get you results!

Lastly, we ensure success by creating unique and entertaining content on a monthly basis that is used to expand the website’s total indexed pages as well as sharing that content via social media and blogging outlets. With these 3 strategies, we can ensure a far reach of your brand which will translate into additional traffic to your website.

Performance Increases in the Following Categories:

The amount of traffic and expectations of increased traffic you should expect depends on your target audience size, competition and current existing traffic to your website. To applicable clients we offer an iron clad 40% minimum traffic increase over the duration of 1 year! We offer this because this is our historical average across all clients.

  • Increase of Indexed Pages

  • Organic Traffic

  • Social Traffic

  • Referral Traffic

  • Direct Traffic

Online Marketing Quality Guarantee Details:

Increasing traffic for any given website requires the application of very specific changes, as well as practical and creative processes. With the correct implementation of these elements, most, if not all of the website’s pages can significantly improve site traffic. We guarantee to deliver work that is crafted using up-to-date techniques and practical methods. Couple these with our experience, knowledge, integrity, and the highest commitment to quality and tailored service, and your site's transformation will yield you positive results.

Download the PDF of our performance guarantee

Requirements for the Performance Guarantee:

Service Level Requirements:

  • Campaign must consecutively pay for a minimum of 12 months; no payment delays or interruptions.
  • Initial website modifications and changes must be approved for implementation on month 1.
  • Provide or return content within the outlined time frame if approval is required.
  • If additional pages, content or website modifications are required – they must be accomplished.
  • Provide website access for on page optimization to make necessary changes.
  • Client is responsible for fixing such issues that are out of our control.
  • The website must not go offline for more than 48 hours.
  • The core website pages must not be duplicated elsewhere on the internet.
  • The website’s host location cannot be changed during the marketing campaign.
  • We must approve any navigational or major structural changes to the website.
  • The website must not become blacklisted independent of our actions.
  • Website must not have had spam type marketing tactics applied to it in the past.
  • The website must not be engaged in any current spamming activities.
  • The website’s content optimization or meta-tags must not be modified independently from our instructions.
  • Only basic SEO plans equal to or larger than the 12 keyword basic is applicable for performance guarantee. Any advanced SEO package is applicable.

Upon consultation we will evaluate your market competition and potential search traffic available to determine what level of marketing services will be required in order to apply our performance guarantee to your marketing campaign

Traffic Increase Terms:

The minimum traffic % increase applies based on the current level of traffic the website is receiving according to the below outline:

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